Getting In Touch With My Unconscious Mind

For the past week I have been wrestling with a severe bout of insomnia. It’s funny the random things that run through your mind as you stare at the ceiling at 2:30 a.m. I was remembering that many years ago I fancied myself a bit of a songwriter. Don’t laugh. It was about 15 years ago to be exact, and it seems that I managed to write three worship songs. Don’t be too impressed, you haven’t read them yet. Apparently they were so good that I hadn’t thought of them in about 10 years. If not for my persistent sleeplessness, I might have never remembered them. After counting sheep, counting backwards from 100 (at least seven times), and then trying to name all of the triple crown winners in order, I was desperate. I suddenly found myself trying to see if I could recover these lost gems from the hidden recesses of my unconscious mind. After all, what better way to try to induce sleep.

For better or worse, I offer up these slightly dated, Dewey originals. Music not included. Trust me, it’s better this way. Enjoy.

Or should I say, sleep tight!


I don’t deserve

I have not earned

The way you feel about me Lord

It’s beyond words

The way you gave

Your life for me

The way you take me back each time I turn away

It’s your kindness, Lord

That leads met to

Repentance, Lord

I’m captured by your grace

And all I can say

Is thank you

And all I can do

Is give my life to you

Lord Jesus you have captured me (3x)

With your unfailing love


No Longer Undone

As I come into your holy place

At first I need to hide my face

I hear the angels singing

Holy, holy, holy Lord

It is here I clearly see my sin

And I know I’ve failed you Lord again

I cry, I am undone

Holy, holy, holy Lord

But then you spoke into my night

Your glorious light, shining around me

You picked me up

You cleansed my lips

You made me whole

And I’m no longer undone

How can I walk away from you?

How can I do the things I do?

How can I give you less than everything?

Jesus you came and died for me

Opened my eyes and set me free

Jesus I want to give you everything

I’m no longer undone (3x)

Lord send me



I Stand Waiting

I stand in your Church

With my heart laid open bare

Casting down all my burdens

You’re the only one who cares

And I know that your promises

Will always hold true

So I lift my hands to receive your power

As my eyes are fixed on you

And I stand waiting


All the glory, all the blessing

You will pour out on this man

And you are faithful

Your Word will never fail

So send your Holy Spirit

Wash away what’s past

And fill me with the strength of your own hand

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